Daring Bakers Challenge: Chocolate Éclairs

31 Aug 2008 by Claire, 1 Comment »

Another month, another challenge. After the danish braid, I was excited for another puff pastry challenge — Chocolate Éclairs. It involved a few techniques I hadn’t done before — creating a pâte à choux dough, using a pastry bag (which I didn’t have, so I substituted Ziplocs) and making pastry cream. Eeek.

I had some trouble with the dough: the recipe called for waiting until the liquid was at a “rolling boil,” and I waited too long for it to get past what I would call a quick simmer, so a lot of the liquid evaporated. I ended up having to add liquid back in at the end to make the dough soft enough to work, which probably explained the lack of puff in the pastry fingers. It was the prettiest end product, but the test would be in the tasting.

Since I can’t handle too much chocolate, I left the final judgment to my boyfriend. He declared them to be “Oh, Claire” rather than éclairs, because that’s what he kept saying as he ate them. I declare that a success.

Many thanks to this month’s hosts Tony Tahhan and MeetaK! You can see the complete recipe here.

(This post originally appeared on Cookthink)

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  1. teya kelley says:

    wow claire, these honestly look perfect. duly impressed!

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