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1 Apr

Chicken With Red Cabbage and Mustard Vinaigrette – A Weight Watchers Dream

Soooo….yeah.  Weight Watchers.  I’m in my fifth week, and while I still feel a little odd about it, I think it’s working for me.  Mostly, it’s been a good way to balance my indulgences, and an extra motivator to… Read the rest of this post

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29 Mar

Beer-Braised Beef Roast – A Two-Day Cooking Event

Despite the title of this post, this meal did not take two days to make. Well, I stretched it out that long – started the meat searing Sunday afternoon, and left it in the oven all evening. Then transfered… Read the rest of this post

22 Dec

Speculaas – 2010 Cookie Challenge

Well THAT was a pain in the ass.

I was all excited to try making Speculaas.  Gingerbread-y cookies?  Great!  I get to order a new kitchen toy (the mold)?  Awesome!  I end up with pretty little cookies?  Even better!… Read the rest of this post

19 Dec

Caramel Crumb Bars – 2010 Cookie Challenge

I had my doubts here…not that the combination of caramel and shortbread isn’t delicious, but frankly, caramel scares me.  I’ve washed far too many scortched pots as a cooking class assistant for it not to.  But, despite my trepidation,… Read the rest of this post

5 Dec

Mexican Butter Cookies – 2010 Cookie Challenge

I’ve been a long time away from the blog, but there’s nothing like the holiday season to get me cooking again – especially when I have such lovely compatriots to inspire me into buttery deliciousness!  We stalwart cookie makers… Read the rest of this post

17 Jun

Savory Zucchini and Goat Cheese Bread Pudding

I love doing my saturday marketing, but it kills me when I can’t use everything before it spoils.   So this week I took sunday to cook up some things that I knew would get me through the days… Read the rest of this post

13 Jun

Strawberry Clafoutis

Summer desserts don’t take much work – the beautiful fruit of the season does most of it for you.  I was so sad to see the last few pints of strawberries on the tables at the farmers market this… Read the rest of this post

16 Mar

Meyer Lemon Curd – A Sweet Tart Treat

I love lemon curd.  Love love love love.  Sweet, creamy, tart, lovely on scones or toast or in tarts.  And it is far easier to make than I would have ever imagined, so my little bag of Meyer lemons… Read the rest of this post

13 Mar

World’s Simplest Fruit Tart

I love a dessert that is simple and delicious, and this is my go-to tart for whatever fruit is looking good that day at the market.  It’s very non-finicky – whirl the crust together in a food processor, press… Read the rest of this post

14 Feb

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Sage and Almonds

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

I’ve been thinking about this recipe since I first made it for Christmas Eve dinner.  I admit it – I’m obsessed.  But sweet potatoes take so much of the starchy heavyness out of gnocchi (though they are still quite… Read the rest of this post

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